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A lot of people says that there is no real money in the Android development. They say that if you want to make money you should write for iPhone, iPad and all other iThings… This is not true! I am not a one of guys that is making thousands of dollars but my income seems to be steady and is still growing.

Moreover I am not one of top developers nor any of my apps have been promoted by Android Market. I am just an one among of thousands of Android developers with not to well known apps. And what may be really surprising all my apps are free as Google do not allow developers from my country (Poland) to sell apps via Android Market!

So keep in mind these facts:

  1. None of my apps has been ever promoted in Top of Android Market
  2. I am providing only free apps (mostly due of Android Market limitations)
  3. Even if I would be able to sell apps I would not use it as main income source… (I believe that you still can make more from ads…)

All my income comes from ads that are included in my mobile apps for Android. Here is the list with current number of downloads:

  1. X-Ray Scanner (over 268 000 downloads)
  2. Cracked Screen (over 182 000 downloads)
  3. Virtual Drums (over 20 000 downloads)
  4. Daily Beauty Tips (over 11 000 downloads)
  5. Don’t push it (over 6 500 downloads)
  6. WP Stats (over 4 000 downloads)

I have started to learn Android Development on April 2010. My first application was ready to be published on May. And it bring me first few dollars… I was not satisfied as I have been expecting that this app (WP Stats) will be really popular… Unfortunately it wasn’t… Anyway I have published a few more apps that got a lot more popularity… So here is my total income breakdown:

  • May 2010 – $4.92
  • June 2010 – $138.87
  • July 2010 – $538.26
  • August 2010 – $920.00
  • September 2010 – $1545.45
  • October 2010 – $1059.31

October looks to be lower in earning but it happened only because I have not been updating any of my apps in this month (I have been moving to new house and had no time for it…).

So as you may see income has not been high on the begging but with each month with regular updates and new apps it has been growing very rapidly!

And I will say it again… I have not made a single cent from selling apps – all my income is only from ads. This month I am preparing new updates for my apps and I am finalizing some new ideas… so my income should start growing up again…

All comments are welcome and very desired.

Эх сурвалж: http://www.kreci.net/reports/android-developer-income-report/

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хайртай алга ташилт
Зочин хэзээ бичсэн: 2011-04-22 13:04 | |
Adroid sonirhogchid namaig @twitter dagaaraa shine sodon medee medeelel oruuulj baih bolno http://twitter.com/@zulnemeh
Зочин хэзээ бичсэн: 2011-03-20 23:47 | |
Android bol platform hereglee bichiglel hetsuuhendee ordog baih. Harin ta nar mungu olj uzmeer bval WP7 sudalj uz. Goyo yum sedej chadah hundee bol goyo bolomj.
For more: http://create.msdn.com
Storm хэзээ бичсэн: 2010-11-17 22:05 | |
За ерөнхийдөө шинэ сонирхолтой зүйл сэдэж бичиж чадвал мөнгө олох боломж байна гэдгийг л энэ залуу биедээрээ мэдэрсийм биздээ. Тэр шилдэг гээд байгаа Cracked Screen X-ray нь гэхдээ их хөөрхөн шд. миний утас дээр байдгийн.
Зочин хэзээ бичсэн: 2010-11-09 23:17 | |
Товчхондоо, андройд програмаа худалдалгүй үнэгүй тараагаад, харин тэр үнэгүй програмдаа сурталчилгаа байрлуулсанаар мөнгө олдог тухай бичсэн байна.
Үнэгүй юманд хүртэл зах зээл байх юм аа
amapaa хэзээ бичсэн: 2010-11-09 23:00 | |
Орчуулаад өг
Админаа орчуулаад өгвөл сайн байна. гуниглах
Loner хэзээ бичсэн: 2010-11-09 19:04 | |
Үнэгүй арр-ууд хар мянгаараа байгаад байдаг байсан юм, зүгээр ч гүй учиртай болоод байгаад байдаг байсан байхнээ...
Saaral (зочин) хэзээ бичсэн: 2010-11-09 00:14 | |